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at 9:30 am at the POA Clubhouse, May 14, 2016.

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Found: Keys floating in lake on the east side of the Peninsula.  Please send e-mail or call the office to identify and claim.
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What is happening:
The next POA meeting with be the Annual Meeting and will be held on Saturday, May 14, 2016 at 9:30 am.  We will also elect the new board of directors. 


Glen Noble                   Pete Yurgensen

Fred Garland                 Robert Corder

Roy Etter (R.J.)                   Ray Niederhoffer

Ballots will be mailed on April 19, 2016. To be counted, mailed ballots must be received at the POA office by 4PM on 5/13/16 or deposited in the ballot box at the Annual Meeting by 9:30 am.

An Updated List of Properties for Sale has been posted (as of 3/25/2016). 
Please see POA Properties for Sale tab. 

has been uploaded.  Please see Financial Statements tab.

The Road Assessment Proposal has PASSED and we will move forward in 2016.

Thanks everyone!

The results are as follows:

Quorum total: 911

Votes for: 320

Against: 155

Abstain: 436

2016 Maintenance Fees

During the October 2015 Board of Director’s meeting the financial position of the POA was discussed at length, particularly in relation to the potential shortfall that is expected to occur during 2015.  All present understood the reasons for our financial position.  The goal continues to be for the planned expenditures and planned income to be equal.  The POA strives for a break even position.

We have cut operating expenses to the bare minimum.  We have reduced the office staff to one person.  We have reduced the fall and winter maintenance staff to one person.  We have provided gate attendant coverage with no overtime.  All of the legal obligations due to the pending litigation have been paid and our insurance company will fund our defense going forward.  Absent legal expenses, for the past three years, our spending has remained flat.  We have tried to offset inflation through cost reductions, but have reached a point where this is no longer possible. 

As a result, the base rate for 2016 will increase from $425/year to $465/year.  This represents a 9.4% increase.  The schedule for additional lots follows below.

# of Lots






















Your Board of Directors understands that any increase in maintenance fees is a hard pill to swallow. However, we all understand that there are certain things that must be accomplished in order to meet our financial obligations.  As a POA we have obligations to the membership.  As members, you have an obligation to the POA.  The only way we are able to meet these obligations is through maintenance fees.  While we would prefer that these fees were paid at the beginning of the year to enable us to more closely align our revenues with expenditures and allow the POA to collect interest on unexpended funds, we realize that this is not  possible in all cases.  If necessary, you may make either quarterly or monthly payments.  There will be no penalty associated with meeting your obligations on an installment plan as long as your payment arrives by the required date.  If, however, you fail to meet your payment schedule, your account will be charged a late fee based on the balance due.  We will continue to aggressively pursue past due accounts.  Our goal in 2016 is to pursue foreclosures on the properties whereby collection efforts have proven unsuccessful. It is only fair that everyone meets their obligation to the POA.

We have come a long way over the past couple of years in the control of our expenses and collections of funds.  With your help we will continue to improve.  Your Board of Directors appreciates your continued involvement and support in this endeavor.

Your Board of Directors
Cedar Point Property Owners Association


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