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Annual Meeting at the POA Clubhouse, Saturday, May 10th at 9:30.

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Cedar Point Property Owners Association

    215 Cedar Point Drive, Livingston, TX 77351

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                                                We need an Office Manager                           

The Cedar Point Property Owner’s Association Is in search of an Office Manager.  The position will require a commitment of thirty hours per week Monday -Friday.   Accounting,  Computer and organizational skills are required.  BBA or BS preferred but not mandatory.  A complete job description is available at our office, 215 Cedar Point Drive, Livingston, TX 77351 (ph 936-646-3232) and on this website under the FORMS tab.  

                          Annual Meeting and Election of New Board of Directors

The Cedar Point POA will hold its annual meeting on Saturday, May 10th, 2014, beginning at 9:30 a.m. in the Clubhouse.  Included will be the election of a five member Board of Directors to manage the Association for the 2014/2015 term of office. A listing of those candidates who have applied for a position on the Board is included along with an absentee ballot to be used to cast your vote should you be unable to attend the meeting.  Ballots must be returned to the POA office by close of business May 8th, 2014 in order to be counted.  Ballots may be returned by mail, hand delivered, faxed (936-646-2322) or e-mailed (cppoa@cebridge.net).  All ballots must be signed.  In addition to voting for the Board, the ballot contains a proposal to amend the By-Laws that will allow the elected term of the Board to be staggered for two years eliminating the necessessity of replacing the entire Board of Directors every year.

The last couple of years have been very tumultuous and have caused us to change the way we operate in some areas of our basic planning and budgeting and how we look  forward to meeting our obligations.  Even with the District Court ruling in favor of the POA and  upholding our covenants many things have been brought to light that over time will have to be addressed and in some instances will require that they be rewritten, better defined and possibly chiseled in stone so there can be only one interpretation.

We urge all of you who are able to attend this annual meeting to please do so in order that you may hear from your current Board and understand what we, as a community, are facing over the next several years.  If you are unable to attend, please return your absentee ballot so that your vote may be counted.  Remember these individuals are your representatives and manage your sub-division.


Robert Corder and his family has been a resident of Cedar Point for seven years and live in Section 5.  He has a strong business background and first-hand experience having served on another HOA Board as President.  He is employed by the Wells Fargo Energy Group.  Currently serves as recording Secretary and Web Master of Cedar Point’s present Board.

Fred Garland is a four year resident in Section 3 who recently retired.  He was a risk manager for a major insurance company.  He is a member of the current Board in charge of gate operations.  He supports Cedar Point moving forward and will continue to fight efforts to regress to our pre-2007 status,

Elaine Lisenbe and her husband Scott became full time residents in 2010. They live in section 2.  She has spent her professional career in Business and Finance and is currently the Controller of Wood Group Mustang, Inc..  She has also served on the Board of the Calalien ISD.  Elaine states that this is her home and not just an investment and is committed to the community realizing its full potential. .  She believes that we must be deliberate in every dollar we spend and how we invest in our future, keeping in mind that a significant portion of our population is on a fixed income, being careful that we do not disenfranchise these individuals.

Cheryl Yoder and her husband, Dan, purchased their lot in Section 6 in 2006.  They are full time residents.  Cheryl’s background ranges from agricultural inspection, to teaching, to computer drafting, auto cad and interior design.  She owned and operated her own interior design business. During the last three years she has been a member of the Architectural Control Committee.  She feels that she has a great deal of background and knowledge on how this community operates having interfaced with virtually every resident who has either built  or modified their residence while she has been a member of the ACC.   . 

Peter Yurgensen and wife, Rae, have been in Cedar Point since 2008.  They reside in Section 6.  Retired with a background in Law Enforcement and Business.  Pete was managing partner in  an agricultural business in addition to his own consulting company.  Was Chief Financial Officer of major Government supplier of ordinance.  He is the current President of Board; has been involved with legal aspects since the beginning leading up to court decisions validating standing and arguments in favor of the Association..  Wants to finish transition to insure the final settlement meets the requirements of sub-division to prevent similar future occurrences.

Carolyn Semones
and her husband, Dave, have been residents in Section 3 for six years.  She has an MBA.  Her career has been centered around banking and community development, leaning mostly towards housing, infrastructure and training for new projects.  She served on the original road committee and has recently been involved with a group of residents to update our deed restrictions.  She feels there is much to be done rebuilding our financial position, building for the future and attracting new residents while at the same time protecting those that are already here.

Berl Padget and his wife have lived full time in Section 1 for nine years.  Berl did not submit a write-up outlining his qualifications, or why he wanted to serve on the BOD, and/or his goals.  He simply stated that the people knew who he was and his stance on the various issues involving the community.  If they were in agreement with him he would appreciate their vote.

Ted Wiggins and his family have been residents of Cedar Point for fourteen years, they live in Section 2. Ted is the Chief Financial Officer of Performance Trucks and currently serves on the Board as Treasurer. He also serves on the Onalaska Board of School Trustees.  If re-elected he states he will continue to focus on protecting the rights of all the property owners no matter which section they live in or the number of lots owned.    


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